Friday, January 16, 2015

Cookout & Card Night

Tonight Tess, Aaron, Thomas, & I decided to have a cookout & also have card night. Thomas & Aaron was the two cooking outside in the freezing cold while Tess & I stayed inside to play catch up..

After the men brought in the burgers, & hot dogs we all enjoyed our grilled food.. Afterwards us ladies cleaned up then it was time to play some cards!

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We ended up playing Rummy.. It was tons of fun & us ladies was kicking the guys asses! For the most part they took loosing pretty well if you ask me..

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During our games we ended up drinking shots of Hot Toddy Moonshine, & Buttery Nipples! On top of shots the men drank beer too... Bless them I bet come tomorrow they will have some not so pretty hangovers!

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Throughout the night I also got to have some pretty sweet cuddle time with this little guy.. Baby Titus is just so precious! All in all I think tonight was a fun filled night...

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