Saturday, January 17, 2015

Pizza & Card Night

You would think after last night we would have had our fill of cards however I guess not because we are back at it again tonight!

Instead of a cookout tonight however we just had pizza night which was so much better! I am sure the men appreciated it more then us ladies though... That meant they didn't have to freeze out in the cold to grill again! Oh & they men had beer while us ladies had Cola & Mt Dew

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I of course got to snuggle sweet Titus once again... I truly love babies! They are just too precious..

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We played Phase 10 & Rook... It was tons of fun... Tess won at Phase 10 then when it came to Rook Tess & Aaron won as team mates while poor Thomas & I lost... Boo!

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I took a selfie, then a photo of Tess & I, then somehow managed to get one of Aaron however Thomas well that was another story all together! I don't think he was in a picture mood ha... He kept turning away from the phone... Shame on him! 

All in all it was another fun night :)

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