Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Social: Final Edition

Sunday Social

This is such a bittersweet moment! For the past 2 years now I have linked up on Sunday for Sunday Social but sadly tonight is the last night for it.. Its been a great 2 years!

Hello Final Edition!

1. How did I come up with my blog name? Too be honest I am a Savannah Georgia girl... Growing up friends called me Georgia Peach & it just kinda stuck! They use to say I was as sweet as a Georgia peach...Funny how years later some part of that became a song!

2. What is my favorite thing about blogging? I love that I can write about anything & everything in my own way & when I want in my own time! I also love that I have meet friends through blogging...

3. What is one thing that I have discovered through blogging in which I can now not live without? I would say other blogs & bloggers but more so the bloggers the people behind the blogs! I have grown to know so many & I truly love it.. Not only am I apart of their little lives but they are apart of mine too..

4. Facebook or Twitter? Facebook! I do not even have a twitter account... If I did I would not be posting on it every minute of every day! I do not have that kinda time... Even though I choose Facebook I do not even stay on it 24-7! I get on maybe to check in somewhere & that is it more often then not..

5. If one celeb could read my blog whom would I want it to be? Oh goodness why would you want me to pick just one person! There is no way that is possible when it comes too me... Here is a few of that I can think of off the top of my head:
Rob Wilson

William Leavy
mr. grey?  william levy

Shemar Moore

6. What is something I want people to know about my blog? I think I would want them to know that is my journal for the past, the present & my future! I love knowing that I can look back someday & see what all I done with my life & even my children will be able to see it all once I am gone someday!

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Emily Forest said...

I love the story behind the name of your blog!