Sunday, October 12, 2014

Day 12 of October

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Today's Prompt Is: Best Advice I've Ever Been Given

I know that this is not the only advice I have been given in my life however it truly is one that I love! Why do I love it you ask? Well that is an easy one for me to answer!

I love this particular saying because I have seen it be true! Doors in my life have shut & been opened again but once opened again it was only better each go around..

I mean for instance my life as a child closed only to open my life as a teenager! My life as a teenager closed to open my life into adulthood! My life as a high school kid closed to open my life into a college student! My life as a college student closed to open up my life of having a full time job in the medical field! Even my life as single closed to open my life into a relationship! Granite that has happened a few times over the years I've lived but each one gets better each time because I have learned so much from each one & each time..I mean my list could go on & on truly!

Here is a few more which I love!

1. All Things Happen In God's Perfect Timing
2. Let Your Dreams Be Bigger Then Your Fears
3. Sometimes Good Things Fall Apart So That Better Things Come Together

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Emily Forest said...

My mom always says "everything happens for a reason" and it seems so cliche but then sometimes things just work out perfectly... and somehow it must be true.