Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Day 28 of October

The Daily Tay Blogtober14

Today's Prompt Is: Things I Am Superstitious About

If I am paying enough attention & the clock strikes 11:11 you better bet that I am making me wish.. I do not wanna know what happens if I do not!

I do not like broke mirror... Haven't you heard about all the bad luck that comes from that? Thanks but no thanks! I need good luck in my life not bad..

Walking under ladders... Big NO NO!

Friday 13th ugh  I hate these days! They always seem horrible.. I so believe they are bad luck because terrible things always seem to happen worse on this day then any other!

I think that in order to have a happy healthy marriage you must have something old, something new, something borrowed, & something blue! I like this tradition bottom line..

I believe that bad things come in 3 death especially...

* I am sure that I could think of some more but I think that this is plenty for now! Do any of you agree with mine?*

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