Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day 29 of October

The Daily Tay Blogtober14

Today's Prompt Is: Most Embarrassing Moments

I am sure that if given enough time to think on things I could think of more then just this one little story I am about to tell you however for now this is the best I got...

One night me & my girls decided to go out have a few drinks, & of course do a lot of dancing which we all loved to do! Line dancing is one of our favorite things to do might I add..

We had been dancing for quite a while at that point I really needed to go use the restroom! I told them I was gonna go & that I would be right back! I didn't see a sign that said men or women on them. This girl went into the one on the left so I followed her little did I know that it was not the women's restroom!

That girl I followed was to the right on the inside of that restroom making out with a guy & too my left was a line of men standing using the urinal stalls & I seen way more then my eyes would have liked... Oh & let me not forget that they was all staring at me as I opened the door!

My face was blood shot red so of course I turned right back around & went to the other side I knew without a shadow of doubt that I was going to the right restroom then! Once I had done my business I went out & told the girls what happened they all laughed & thought it funny of course.. I was so mad at that dang girl who took me to the wrong one! What was she thinking going into the men's restroom to make out with someone? UGH... I still blame her to this day!

So what ever happened to the signs that said men & women on it you ask? They had taken the old ones down to replace them with new ones! I guess that day they was suppose to arrive so that morning they had taken them down to await the arrival of the new ones however the new ones had been delayed until the next day... Just my luck lol!

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Musings of a Wanderer said...

This has definitely happened to me! Super embarrassing but you just gotta roll with it haha

Robin said...

What puzzles me is: not only did the girl and the guy choose to make out in a public restaurant, but they just kept going while a line of other guys used the urinals? What the Frappuccino!