Friday, June 6, 2014

Memorial Weekend Kickoff In Destin Part 1

Boat, Patio, or Dock enjoy the Memorial Day festivities in Destin Florida... There is plenty to do believe me!

Gracie woke up super early on Sunday way before the sun even was to rise! She in return decided someone other then herself should be awake so she woke me up along with her! I was fine with that seeing I knew I could talk her into going to the beach early so we could see the sunrise..

After our little sunrise adventure in our pajamas I decided it was time for us to go back in & see everyone else as well as change into bathing suits! Once that was complete it was beach time yet again for everyone..

After spending hours out on the beach it was time to inside well for me at least anyway! Not everyone was ready but I sure was.. I needed a shower & I was gonna get ready to go to Harbor Walk for the concert celebration :)

After the concert had ended which was around 11 at night I was craving something sweet so as I walked around Harbor Walk I found a ice cream food truck... I was so excited I ended up ordering Cotton Candy Ice Cream & let me just tell you it was amazing & I ate every last bite..

By the time I made it back to our place it was around 1 in the morning & I was happy to be there so that I could get some shut eye!

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Jetsettin Daisy said...

Looks like such a fun trip!!!