Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Drive All Night Means Tired The Next Day

Hey sweet ladies of mine as you all know I am back from my Florida Trip to Destin. I now am gonna begin posting about my fun trip.. Some post may be super short & some may not be so please bare with me..

Last Friday night we left for our beach trip & I could not have been more excited.. The anticipation of it was enough to kill me I swear! I was more then ready to be at the beach.. We left an hour before midnight & arrived around nine the next morning in Destin Florida...

Upon arriving at Destin we stopped & had breakfast at the Donut Hole! I was excited to try it because everyone had said how good it was there & I am sure that may be true to some people however, in my case I was not impressed! My food if I had to rate it would be a 3 because it had no taste what so ever the only thing it had going for it was how pretty & yummy it looked!  If you think I was the only one thinking that not so much even a few others of my family was not impressed with their breakfast items either! A little tid bit of info if you ever do decide to try it for yourself is share! The portions are huge & you do pay a little more because of how big they are but I can understand that!

After we had finished eating somewhat of a breakfast we left & headed for our beach condo which was only about 5 minutes away! We unpacked all of our things from our 3 vehicles & took it all inside afterwards we had a look around at what would be our home for the next week :) We had rented a 3 bedroom 2 bath.. Next year however we will have a bigger space we could have used more room next year we need at least a 3 bedroom 3 bath or a 4 bedroom with 3 baths.. Below is a few photos from our little home away from home but not all of them are posted!

After we had finished looking around unpacking our things we took off our clothes, slipped into our bathing suits & headed for the beach..

Needless to say after a few hours out on the beach I came in & took a very long nap! I was beyond exhausted.. After my nap I took a shower, we had dinner & then we all got ready for bed!

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