Friday, May 9, 2014

Exploring Rock Island

On Sunday Meg & I drove to Rock Island TN which was only a 30 minute drive from us. We were so excited to be exploring some place new! I had been before but only to visit the restaurant known as Foglight. They have delicious food which is super savory.
The only time I had been to Rock Island was of a night time so I was excited to see what Rock Island was all about during the day! We was not able to explore all the trails on Sunday However we did get to explore one which was too the blue hole as well as see a few other sights which we loved!
The water level was super elevated so most trails were closed off due to safety reasons which we both understood. We asked when they would be opened again & they said as soon as June. So you better bet that us girls will without a doubt be back come June!
Rock Island sits on 883 acres of land. You are able to see some amazing sights such as waterfalls, cotton mill, wildlife, moonshine still  & so much more!
I think one of the favorite places for Meg & I was Barter Flat! We loved the picnic area as well as the sandy beach! We could see ourselves as well as our friends there this summer lounging in the water on our floats, or out riding jet skies! We will be having tons of fun this summer & we cannot wait... Here are a few photos from our trip that only lasted a few hours sadly.. Its not all the photos but some of my favorite from the day... so more photos in the upcoming future will happen as we explore more of Rock Island :)



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What a cool place!!!