Friday, May 9, 2014

Sweet Letters

Destin Florida:
15 more days until I see you! We are double digits still but soon enough I will be in single digits.. You better be ready for me Florida!

I have this rotation week off finally but all that's left is too finish out one more rotation work week & then its off to the beach for me! I hope that you are nice to be during my last week..

I am so beyond excited to visit you for one whole week! Gary & I was originally going to plan it out this past Sunday but he still had not made it back to work in Chicago to see his work schedule so we still have not booked my flight yet sadly :( Once he makes it back into Chicago & looks at his nice busy lawyer schedule plans will be made sooner rather then later :) Hope your ready for me! For those whom live in Chicago or have been I wanna know what I should see while there & yummy places to eat at as well...

I am excited to spend some time with you today in Nashville. I know it will be tons of fun... I am thankful that you will even let me go into Victoria Secret knowing that I will stay forever I guess that is why I said you could go into Bass Pro! Hello compromise..

I know in two days it will be Mother's Day! Happy Mother's Day.. I love you & hope its a wonderful day for you!

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