Wednesday, March 19, 2014

So What

So what that I am so not happy with anything hardly having to do with the beach trip in May with the family! First off they told me I can only pack a small bag not a large one! That I could wash my clothes because there will be a washer & dryer there! Oh that one of my aunts already figured out the sleeping arrangements! One decided that I should sleep with my mother however to me that is not a good idea nore do I want to! 

I was pissed off to say the least & then I went off & had words with my own mother! She knows I cannot stand sleeping next to her I never have been able to even as a small child on vacation with my parents I always slept with my father while my brother slept with her.. Now that I am older is still no different! I do not mind sleeping next to my significant other, another aunt, or even my cousins, but I just do not like the fact of sleeping next to my mother! I would rather sleep on a cold ground no lie!

 Is that terrible? Maybe! But I just do not care I am not gonna budge on it especially if I cannot pack a big suitcase :( for a whole week might I add ... How can I figure out how to add tons to a small suitcase? Help please!

So what that my two favorite colors use to be pink & black but as odd as it may be teal or turquoise blue is now my go to favorite color :)

So what that I am not too happy in the fact that this whole week thus far has been not warm as to where when I was at work last week it was pretty outside! Boo! I am not happy I wanna enjoy pretty days without having to go into work! It needs to warm up like now..

So what that I cannot decided on a room color for the bedroom! Do I pick tan or go with a beachy blue kinda like mediterrain water color? & which one would black look better with? or does it work for both tan & blue? Thoughts would be great ladies! I am all ears believe me..
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Janna Renee said...

Girlfriend! I packed ONE bag for a MONTH in Europe. A COLD month in Europe where you have to have layers, jackets, and pretty dresses for nights on the cruise ship too. I travel a LOT, so I make sure that I pack light. I even packed everything in a backpack for a ten day trip in Florida that Will and I took. Look on Pinterest, there are tons of ideas on how to pack light. I know you are a sweetheart, but don't start your trip off on a bad note.