Wednesday, March 5, 2014

So What

So what that I cannot stand chipped nails! Once they are chipped I have to change them & have them redone other wise I will rake the rest off anyway.. I guess that is part of my said ocd working...

So what that I get sad & cry sometimes because I am not yet married or have kids.. I want want both something awful if I am being honest! I always knew since younger that I always wanted to be married young & have kids young.. 

So what that I love being an auntie to all these sweet little ones in my life but at the same time a part of me dies a little more inside because I know that those precious little ones are not mine & will never call me mamma like they will my friends..

So what that I worry what I did wrong to deserve not being able to be a mother yet or a wife? I know I would be great at both! Sometimes its a lot to handle..I can only keep praying & hope that GOD gives me both! I have to hope that my prince charming is out their just waiting for me to find him & snatch him right up!

So what that I get angry when I see people whom do not deserve to be a mother yet are one? I know that's bad but it really bothers me when I see those parents whom could have cared less about being a parent, whom left their child unattended, whom allowed the child to cry constantly! Things like that bother me because I know without a shadow of doubt that would never be me! I would always put my child first...

So what if all these was something hard for me to share today but these are my fears & my insecurities.. I am sure we all have them in some way or another!

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Lindsey @ Life on Countryside said...

my friends all have babies and are married and i wish it was me too. I am still waiting for my prince charming too...and get really sad when i see my friends babies and know I don't have any babies to go home to....besides my furbaby!

I am with you girl! :)

Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

Oh honey, I am the same boat as you. I am still single with no kids, but look at it this way; you have the rest of your whole entire life to be married with kids. Enjoy your freedom now and don't think of it that way. The second you give up those negative feelings is the second you will meet your prince. I completely understand why you feel this way because I do too at times, but you can't live for that. Enjoy your life now and things will fall into place. You're an absolutely sweetheart, you will have your dream someday!