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Book Review: Watcher Chronicles

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What can I tell you about the Watcher Chronicles? Well do you remember how just last week I told you all about the Watcher Trilogy? You see Watcher Chronicles continues where Watcher Trilogy leaves off..

In the last book you learned of soul mates Lilly & Brand well now you will come to learn of soul mates Mason & Jess. I loved Lilly & Brand together but during these books I came to love Mason & Jess together as well! 

You learn that Jess had her parents ripped from her by the tear @ the age of 7. Now at age 22 Jess is a watcher agent trying to find her parents after all these years. One night alone with a changeling whom she kills is the night she meets her soul mate Mason.

Mason decides that she now needs to come work with him & help him to find a way to seal the tear. For the longest time Jess & Mason both try to deny their feelings for one another but God soon let's her know it's alright to love again & to love him.. He even tells her in order to save this world she must learn to love & trust again other wise the world as they know it will be gone to Lucian.

As the story unfolds Jess learns where her father has been all along as well as her mother. I wanna tell you all where they both have been but that would ruin the surprise! Therefore if you wanna know just read the books to find out :)

As it goes into more depth God allows Jess to know she is a vessel whom has a archangel within her! She carries Micheal whom fits her well. Jess learns that she must also find the other 6 vessels whom carry the other archangels within them as well in order to seal that tear that god wants taken care of..

Matches, matches, & more matches along with marshmallows  is the term for Mason & Jess anytime they wanna leave others to go make love to one another! & believe me when I say they like their matches & marshmallows time together!

After they stop Lucian & his 7 princes from destroying the world you come to learn that the story will still continue with Caylin's Story! Caylin is the daughter of Lilly & Brand.





My thoughts on the Series? I loved it just as much as I did the Watcher Chronicles. I love Jess & Mason together, they truly are good for one another. I love how she was able to allow mason to see the good in himself so that he could truly forgive himself for his past.. The story line for these books was just as good as the previous! No complaints coming from me on this.. However I must admit I think I cried way more with these books then I did the ones from the Watcher Trilogy because Jess had to face a very hard decision in the end which would leave Mason lost without her! Do I wanna tell you more yes of course but I cannot do that. That would be giving to much away to you ladies! In the end you learn that Caylin finally meets Aiden whom is her soul mate which allows Caylin's Story to be out next..

I rate these books a 5!

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