Saturday, March 1, 2014

Little Shopoholic

If any of you ladies want to know what I spend the most money at my two stores without a doubt are Victoria Secret & Bath & Body Works. At Victoria Secret you will find me buying bras, bathing suits, undies & a few other things while at Bath & Body you see me buying candles, soaps, room spray, lotion, & hand sanitizers!

Now to the good part of it all my weakness! I have three actually.. I love anything Fall & anything having to do with the beach/ocean as well as anything tropical but that also can tie into the beach/ocean part if need be! Those smells are my absolute favorite.. I cant not go buy some of my favorite candles!

Bath & Body actual had a sale on their candles to where I could buy 2 for 22 instead of buying just 1 for 22.. I think I did good today! I ended up buying 6 & had a coupon for 10 off so I only ended up spending 60 something bucks not bad...

I wish I had an endless supply of the ones I bought today but sadly I do not :( I hope they go back on sale before they are taken away!

My choices were:
Tiki Beach
Beach Cabana
Sydney Harbor
Paris Daydream
Coconut Leaves

Some of the others I wanted to buy was not there sadly & they were:
Ocean Drive
Palm Beach
The Keys
Aloha Waikiki 
Hawaiian Hibiscus
Lanikai Coconut
Island Water

On to my another purchase of the night! I went & met my parents at Cracker Barrel to eat dinner & I found the cutest little things.. I found salt & pepper shakers that were owls & they came in 3 different colors: baby blue, red velvet, & lime green!

I knew I had to get them! I love owl things so I knew I would put these little babies to good use & I plan on doing just that! The kicker was that I only had to pay 99 cents a piece for each individual one! Score if you ask me my opinion..

Do you ladies have any favorite scents or favorite things to buy? what stores are your favorites?  I would love to hear yours..

Who knows what kind of goodies I will find tomorrow when I go shopping with Aunt Joyce before we go to see a movie & have dinner! I do know though that I have to go back into bath & body for sure! 

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