Friday, March 7, 2014

Sweet Letters

Old Spice Commercial:
I normal hate any kind of commericals! However for the first time ever I found one that I enjoy & that is the one below! Who knew I would find one that was funny..

Origami Owl:
Thanks for being so good to me! I did really well at hosting my party for everyone! I got 7 free items, 1 that was half off, & one that is 10 dollars off.. I think I did great :) I cannot wait to get all my goodies as well as hand everyone all the goodies they bought!

Thanks for taking me mudding on Wednesday & getting me out of my comfort zone. It was completely different for me! However I was thankful afterwards that I was able to take a warm shower..

Spring is right around the corner which means running season again! I really need to start drinking more of you but gosh you just do not have any taste sadly! Could you somehow taste better? Is that possible? Maybe then I would drink more of you & be able to loose tons of weight! I would be one happy girl..

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Lindsey @ Life on Countryside said...

love love love origami owl - i sell it and obsessed. New stuff comes out on March 17th!!! :)