Friday, February 7, 2014

Sweet Letters

Chocolate Milk:
You have been so very yummy lately! I cannot seem to get enough of you... Thanks for being so delish!

Hot Chocolate:
I have loved you a lot lately  just as much if not more then chocolate milk... Its been so cold outside so every time I get you with tons of marshmallows I get all happy! You seem to hit the right spot to warm me up..

Valentine Day:
I will be celebrating you in exactly one week! I still need to figure out what I am going to wear but one thing for sure is that I know what I will be fixing for breakfast which by the way will be pink cinnamon rolls! Can you say hello yummy?

Chicago Fire:
I miss getting to watch you! You do not come back on until the end of this month! I swear I am having Chicago Fire withdraws & that does not make for a happy girl sadly.. I miss Casey & Severide..

Chicago PD:
I have grown to love you I truly have but I do not think I will ever love you as much as I love Chicago Fire... Sorry! Maybe if you get more then 1 hot guy then I might jump all in just as much hehe!

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Joanna said...

mmm ive been craving choc milk

scrapperjen said...

ROFL I feel the same about CF and CPD!
I was an extra for the episode that will air 2/25 ;)