Saturday, October 12, 2013

Get Tested??

The big question to ask...
Will you or will you not get tested for an STD?
If you do then no questions will be wondered!
If you do not get tested there is too many unanswered questions..

I myself choose to ask those that I have been with to get tested!
Do you agree or disagree with my choice?

This is how I look at my choice & decision..

As of now I do not have any disease! 
I have always been tested along with my significant other..
I do not feel that it is wrong to ask them to get tested! 
If they truly care about you as more then just a sex toy then they will do it for your peace of mind..

Now days too many men as well as women seem to think one night stands are great & easy but with that leads to contact & with contact of these one night stand those leads to STD's!
It also may not be a one night stand but a night where your significant other may have cheated & gotten something..

I am a nurse & I feel like because of this I constantly wonder & worry way more then most do about this subject...
I am around so many things day in & day out that I am sure by now I have seen things that some have never seen unless they are in the nursing field with me!

If your significant other was to say no to being tested would you stay with them?
My answer is simply NO...
I would be concerned that they currently had something & was just trying to prolong the inevitable of me finding out!
Therefore I would have to say goodbye & end that relationship automatically..

Reasons as to why?
Well for starters I feel like if they truly loved me then they would want me to know all truths good & bad!
That they would want me to feel comfortable having sex with them knowing they did not have anything...
STD's are not something to take lightly some can be taken with meds & in time will go away, some you can take meds & stay alive while still having the disease & then there are the ones you cannot change ever & you die from them sadly! 

I know that this can & will be a touchy subject but now days I feel like it is a must have subject to be heard & talked about! Its life, its real, & it happens all to common now days! It is way better to be safe then sorry! Do you agree or disagree??

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