Sunday, October 13, 2013

Nite Out With The Crew

It was the night of October 12th. The air was cool & it turned out to be one fun filled night! Leia & I had originally planned to go to Nashville but miss priss forgot she had to go to a wedding so we postponed the trip until Sunday! So we decided to have a night out with the crew.. 

But before the night out with our crew I spend most of the day enjoying the outside weather on the porch in the rocking chair. I loved being all curled up while reading my nook! I have been reading the new Nicholas Sparks book called The Longest Ride! I took a quick photo too while outside..

We got dressed up & looked gorgeous as always! Leia decided not to take a before shot but miss blogger over here did..

Our night started off @ the Cooke House & ended with the 19th Hole... Now for us ladies the Cooke House was great but as far as the 19th Hole its our least favorite.. We even did not mind the bars in between!

While @ the Cooke House it was just us ladies but soon after we went to another bar to meet up with our crew of men.. From then on out it was all of us together! We had a fun enjoyable evening out together... Here are a few of the drinks that I enjoyed!

I did not have my camera with me sadly & what I did have was my phone however it was pretty much dead by the time I wanted to take pictures of us all so I only ended up with two before my phone shut itself off.. I was not a happy girl when it shut down!

By 2:30 in the wee early hours of morning we all decided it was time to take ourselves home! We was all exhausted & knew come morning that several of us if not all of us would have major hangovers..

If you wanna know how my following day went just check back in Tuesday! I would write about it sooner but I have plans set for tomorrow! Lucky for me on Friday I did my Monday post :) But I promise come Monday night I will write about the next day hangover/trip to Nashville!

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