Friday, October 11, 2013

Sweet Letters

Dear PSL:
I just love you during this time of year! You are so very yummy... What better drink to have from Starbucks then you? Since it finally feels like Fall its nice to enjoy you on the porch while reading the nook!

Dear Nashville:
Since Lee Lee & I cannot be in Florida as planned due to life & being adults at least a trip to visit you tomorrow will be fun for the day! Hello shopping :)

Dear Lee Lee:
I am glad we get to have some girl time tomorrow together! We always have so much fun when we are together :)

Dear Fall:
I am loving you so far! You are great & are allowing me to enjoy all my fun Fall things such as making wreaths, baking, shopping, Fall clothing, & so much more! I think my favorite is just being outside to enjoy you..

Dear Florida:
I know we had to postpone coming to you but its nice to know we still get to come for a week even if it was a later date then planned! I for one cannot wait to see your white sandy beaches, sea shells, fish, & so much more :) 

Dear Wendy Le:
Thank you so much sweet girl for my manicure & pedicure yesterday! I love being pampered always.. It was very much needed to say the least!

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