Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I am loving how yummy my birthday cake was last night! I love birthday cake always :)

I am loving that this weekend I will be in Nashville celebrating my birthday a few day late but better late then never at all :)

I am loving how sweet all my friends are! Each & everyone of them made my day yesterday by wishing me a happy birthday! I still cannot believe that i am 25 though however..

I am loving all my Fall goodies that I bought from Bath & Body! I really feel like I should not be allowed in that store during the Fall season because I would like to buy the whole entire store with all those Fall aromas!

I am loving that slowly but surely I have started to add all my Fall decor to the house! I will hate it thought when I must take it down.. If only our seasons could go Summer Fall Summer Fall... I would be one happy lady!


I am loving that I am exactly one month away from having my feet in the sand on Florida Shores...

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