Wednesday, September 11, 2013

12 Years Ago Today

At this moment, 12 years ago, millions of Americans went to bed quietly, with no thought that the next morning their world would change forever. That night hundreds packed flight bags they would not live to open. Thousands slept with loved ones for the last time.

They years have now gone by, but the memories still remain for all those whom were involved in that one single day & its aftermath that changed the lives of so many & our nation! There really has been no closure for the thousands of families that day. Some say to put 9/11 behind us but, they fail to realize that its not only a part of our history but a part of our lives! Time does not heal wounds instead we just learn to deal with them...

One never knows what a new day has in store. Let us live each day to the fullest, & never miss a chance to let those dearest to us, know of our love for them. So tonight, if you have someone in your life you love, tell them!

Thank you to every single person whom played a huge part of 9/11 for your services both then & now..

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