Friday, September 6, 2013

Sweet Letters

I miss you! Today makes one whole week since we lost you. I still cannot believe you are really gone! I hope you are around always as a guardian angel.. I love you bub!

I love our fun girl nights in as well as girl nights out! They are always fun never the less.. I love how we can have fun either in or out! Go us :)

I cannot believe that come Tuesday I will be 25 goodness how time has flown by! I truly may just cry since I will then be half way to 30.. That alone is a tad bit scary for me!

Birthday Cake:
I cannot wait to eat you! You might just be the best thing I am looking forward too come Tuesday!

Birthday Weekend:
I cannot wait to enjoy my time with friends! It will be so much fun.. I hope you are ready for us all! I know we are ready for you.. Party time in Nashville :)

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