Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Visitation & Goodbyes

Yesterday was the visitation for you! It was very packed so please know that you was loved by so many Jesse! Your visitation & funeral was held at First Baptist.. I wish though that I had not seen you yesterday it was too hard! I hated seeing no life coming from you. That so very much bothered me.. You just did not look like yourself!

I cried a lot today as well as yesterday.. Your funeral was very sweet & very thought out.. 

Jesse my sweet bub you took your last ride today! I could not say goodbye to you but I did say see you later.. I know that someday I will see you again in heaven! God gained one amazing Angel & so did I.. I know that you will be right here with me always & that in the little things I will always feel your presence.. I will always love you & miss you always!

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