Saturday, September 28, 2013

Books Become Real

Growing up I knew I had a love for reading, but I never wanted just any book. It was always something that had to appeal to me! I have loved many books over the 25 years of my life span, however I am sure to some it does not even compare because of how picky I am when it comes to books.. 

I can still remember being a small child asking my amazing, wonderful, loving father to read me stories over & over again until he was sick of them as well as knew them by heart.. even though being a small child is when I can first remember books I am sure it would be safe to say that my father read them too me as an infant as well!  

A few of those childhood books included: Dr Seuss, Goodnight Moon, I'll Love You Forever, Corduroy, Peter Pan, Alice In Wonderland, & many more that I could continue to name...

As I grew older some of the bigger books I read was Boxcar series, Junie B Jones, Tuck Everlasting, & I can even remember the day I found a set of Goose Bump series I so badly wanted to read them but in order to do so I had to have a parent consent form. So I knew my sweet father would be coming to meet me for lunch so I had him go sign that paper right away! I had one big huge grin on my face.. Hello scary books :) They were amazing!

I was blessed to have amazing parents whom allowed me to read as much & as many books as I wanted & it was a bonus that In return I was allowed to go to a school field trip to Dollywood at the end of the year for reading books & taken test over them to prove I had really read them! You had to of course have so many points but I always exceeded the limit way beyond what I had to have :) 

During my high school years I never really had time to read as much as I would like & another problem was that I had run out of interesting books too read! If a book did not catch my eye within the first few chapters then you could bet that I would no longer be reading them because I did not have the patience to try other wise! I always thought it should take only a few chapters to know whether a book was really good or really bad! 

When the Chronicles Of Narnia series came out I could not have been more thrilled, I loved them! Soon after them came Harry Potter series, Twilight series, Hunger Game series, 50 Shades Trilogy, Crossfire Series, & currently Mortal Instrument series! I also have loved every single book by Nicholas Sparks :)

With knowing my love for these books I somehow lived inside the books as weird as that might be to say! I felt happiness & sadness along with many more feelings because too me I was living the life of these characters from these books as I read them! I always put my body & soul into the books so to me the characters came alive! I could almost picture them in my mind on whom they looked liked, felt how they loved one another & such! I even wanted so badly to just jump inside the book itself & play that role of the cute happy couple & such always! It was nice to see that each bond was so strong & unbreakable even with the ups & downs! If only we could have that in real life always..

Sometimes I think to myself how nice it would be to have those books just to keep going & going! I seem to always want more from them like a never ending life I guess one might could say! I miss those books & characters once the series have ended & no longer go on!

I have loved that over the years some of my favorite books have been made into movies so for me I can still live out those books thanks to the movies made! I truly treasure them as them come out & I am thankful for those willing to make those books come to life as crazy as one might say that sounded! Even with the movies it still is bittersweet to know there will no longer be new chapters to read or see the life that could have happened after later in years & such

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Anonymous said...

I liked the Boxcar Children and Goosebumps series, too! I haven't read the Harry Potter books yet but I just watched all of the movies last month.