Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Things I'm Lovin...

I am loving that tonight is my last night at work & I will have 7 whole days off.. I love my 3-1-3-7 schedule :)

I am loving that come Thursday night I get to see one of my friends whom is a cop after he does road blocks! It will be nice to spend some time with him!

I am loving that come Friday night I will see a few friends out of town that I have not seen in a while! So that will be nice to say the least.. Like old times getting to catch up!

I am loving that come Saturday Leia & I will be in Nashville doing some shopping together! Getting ready for our Florida trip :) I mean you gotta love that its getting close to time!

I am loving that Leia & I are a whole week closer to our trip to Florida! Hello beach house for a whole week.. Relaxation is gonna be heavenly to say the least!

I am loving how our wreaths turned out & as soon as I get some free time I will be posting the photos from us working on them :)

I am loving that the baby shower for Alicia went off without a hitch! It was nice to see friends & family.. I am so ready for baby Liam to get here! I just wanna cuddle him & kiss him to pieces.. I know he is gonna love his auntie Ashleigh!

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Anonymous said...

Have fun on Thursday and Friday!