Sunday, September 29, 2013

Car Show In Nashville

Leia & I was suppose to be the two going to Nashville yesterday but plans changed sadly.. She had to go do a catering job so thus she was not able to go sadly!

Daddy had decided he wanted to go to Nashville to see a car show so he asked if I wanted to join & since I no longer had plans I was down to go! I knew it would be a fun daughter/father day together..

I thought it might be a little chilly outside yesterday because the past few days had been but I could not have been more wrong! I was burning up in the outfit of choice which you see above! I should have stuck with one of my summer dresses needless to say..

My sweet father is in the shrine so we went to the shrine temple to see the cars! Neither of us was impressed sadly.. There was not a whole lot of cars to look at but I think that is because their was several different car shows going on in that area in general.. Here are a few that I thought was neat & or scary!

This one I did not like it reminded me too much of that movie Wrong Turn! This truck looked like the exact one they used during that scary movie & I am not gonna lie I for one never wanna be apart of that horror.. Would you?

This one I did not like either me & several others said it reminded us of Jeeper Creepers! Have you seen that movie? I do not want no part of it in real life either.. 

After my father & I left the car show we decided to get some lunch! So we went to Margaritaville downtown.. I love seafood about as much as my father does so it was nice to enjoy some!

For dessert we stopped by Gigi Cupcakes! I wanted to have 2 of the new fall flavors which was Apple Pie Crumble & Banana Foster.. We ended up getting 2 Banana Foster, 1 Apple Pie Crumble, & 1 Chocolate Chip! 

The new Fall flavors were amazing.. I loved them very much.. They was yummy & it made for a great dessert :)

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