Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Officially Half Way To 30 Today! Happy Birthday To Me..


Today I am 25 years old..
That means I am now a quarter of a century old! 
Saying it this way makes it sound worse then just saying 25 alone if you ask me...

So what is good about turning the big 2-5? Well my car insurance rate will now be going down! However other then that I do not like turning this age! Being half way to 30 makes me wanna cry to be very honest..

I bet you sweet ladies wanna know what all I am going to be doing for my birthday right! Well I will be working all night tonight for a lovely 12 hour shift :( so no celebrating my birthday tonight except for cake that I am bringing into work :)

However come this weekend I will be Nashville Bound celebrating my birthday downtown :) Hello fun! I cannot wait to spend some time with my sweet amazing friends! So even though no details on my birthday tonight you will get some photos & updates after my fun weekend downtown... 

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