Saturday, August 31, 2013

Giving Blood In Remembrance

Let me just say that in the whole entire 24 years of my life I have never given blood.. I hate needles to be very honest! I do not mind giving others shots & such but when it comes to me I just hate those things! Crazy I know..

Jesse always had this little saying for me which was:
Give Blood Give Life

Well after Jesse's death yesterday I decided to do something for him to honor him & that was for me to finally give blood! I wish he would have been there to hold my hand but I know somewhere deep down that he was there in spirit.. He was right beside me the whole entire time holding my hand!

I knew I needed to do this for him & for me both.. I needed him to know that I trusted him & that I wanted to give blood to give life back.. I needed to do this for him if for no one else...

Jesse you truly make me remember to cherish life all the small & big moments because you never know when its our time to leave this earthly place..

I did it though I gave blood which means I gave life to another.. I now can donate my blood every two months which I will do on the 30th not only that but on my 1 year of giving blood it will always be on the day you passed for your anniversary of your death! It will remind me always of how loved you were by so many of us & that we still cherish & love you even now that you are gone! Love you bub..

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