Sunday, June 2, 2013

Madi Turns 10

Wednesday evening Jeremy was having Madi a birthday party! The kids loved being able to be in the pool while us adults had conversations outside of the pool.. To me that water was a tad too chilly! The kids was troopers too stay in that water! After the kids was tired of the pool we had pizza, ice cream, & cake. Oh & opened presents of course! 

Right after eating the kids decided they needed more pool time so until about 10 pm they stayed in the water playing!  I know they all loved it!  We turned the pool lights off & headed inside to change into night outfits for bed! We assumed the kids has worn themselves out but we was wrong to say the least!

It ended up being 1:30 in the morning & all the kids was still going wild so I told Jeremy that I was ready for bed I had been up since 5:40 in the morning.. He had 2 choices  one tell the kids it was time for bed & us both go to bed together or two he could not tell them & stay up with them by himself.. I won needless to say & kids was put to bed :)

Next morning rolls around & kids get to enjoy cinnamon rolls & bacon for breakfast. Afterwards it was pj's are coming off outside clothes was going on & the kids was ready to play.. They sure can keep you busy! Soon parents came to get their children & the only child left was Madi.. I am glad she enjoyed her birthday party! Here are some photos :)

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