Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I am loving that over this weekend I was able to spend time with Addison & Gracy...

I am loving that the sun finally started to shine because for the past I don't know say 5 days it has done nothing but rain! It has been awful..

I am loving that yesterday my movie finally came out on dvd! Hello Safe Haven :) I loved when I seen it in theater & I still love it even now!

I am loving that I finally got my parents surprise invites sent out to family & friends! Now all I have to do is wait for them to rsvp me...

I am loving that this week thus far has been productive! Its nice to finally be getting things caught up... A lot has been going on lately! So to finally be having things slow down has been very nice I must admit..

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Heather said...

Found your blog through WILW. I am waiting to see Safe Haven until after I read the book. Since the sun is finally out, maybe I will have some reading time by the pool! Have a great, productive rest of the week!

Everythingtastiful said...

stopping by from WILW, I also love the movie - safe haven!!!