Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Weekend Catch Up

Friday night was spend at the shop! The boys worked on the cars & us girls had our own kind of fun... It was a tad bit chilly so we was in long sleeves & sweatpants. It was bittersweet though when it was time for Gracy & Addison to go to sleep! Addison curled up in my arms & started crying.. She did not want to go to sleep with me still not gone! I had to promise her that I would come back in the morning..

Saturday morning Jeremy & I headed back to the shop! The boys was hard back at work & us girls well we was lazy! Its the weekend so its fine to be lazy right? I painted Addison's fingers which she loved & in the process I was playing song pop with Gracy! Around noon I left to go home! I needed to get ready to meet my parents for lunch! We had Cheddar's to eat & it was good. Afterwards I went & saw Olympus Has Fallen! That was a great movie. I loved it very much & come Thursday I will do a review on it :) So look forward to it...

Sunday I had lunch with daddy at Cracker Barrel. Somehow managed to do nursing paperwork afterwards even though I did not want to! Then later that night Jeremy & I went & ate dinner at O' Charley's...

Monday after work the boys was in the shop working while Brooke, Addison, Gracy & I was busy watching the voice :) We had tons of fun watching the voice! However I must admit Addison kept speaking to us so we didn't pay much attention to our show oops! In the end it was fun though :) I knew at midnight that my movie would be out in stores so you better betcha that I stayed awake until then! Jeremy & I made a drive to Walmart. He got the movie Gangster Squad & I got my Safe Haven :) Once we got back to the house he watched his movie but I took my happy little self to bed!

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