Thursday, May 9, 2013

Once More At The Lake With My Sweet Father

As of late yesterday I decided that I wanted some father/daughter time. I asked my father if he wanted to go fishing after I had gotten off work! He said yes without hesitation.. 

Growing up fishing was the one thing I would always do with my father that was something outdoors so I know he cherished it & still does even now to this day because he knows I am by no means anything but a city girlie girl.. Thus leading to most things outdoors me not liking! I love hiking,camping, & fishing the best. I have learned to deal or cope with other outdoor things but sometimes I still just stomp my foot down & say no way am I doing that...

Once father & I arrived to our destination we opened the back of the trunk bed in his truck & got out our pretty shiny fishing poles. Father has pretty much his whole life fished with fake bait while me on the other hand has always used real bait. 

Once we got down to the lake we took our stance & started to fish! Right away dad caught one. He must have tossed in his line right over top of that fish! Fish was biting good for the most part but not as good as the last time my father & I had fished together! Two hours later my father & I called it quits after 11 fish for me & 2 fish for him. It had gotten dark & we could not see anything thus leading to us calling it quits for the night.

I am always so thankful & blessed to be able to have father/daughter time! I know as years go by someday I will no longer be able to have this precious time with my father so I try to do things with him as much as time allows for us both.

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