Monday, May 6, 2013

I Am A Nurse & This Is My Appreciation Week!

I am a nurse & yes this is my week! I get to be appreciated from today all the way until Sunday :) Fingers crossed this will be a good week @ work!!
Photo: Tomorrow kicks off Nurses Week 2013! Share this with pride, because you are a Nurse and this is YOUR week!!
I know it is not just my week but every one whom is a nurse gets to enjoy the appreciation of this week too! I am  glad we have a week to be appreciated because so often we are not appreciated! 
We are strong & compassionate!
We walk with determination yet have the gentlest touch!
We are educators & are always willing to teach & share our knowledge!
We are good listeners & are always there when we are needed!
We go above & beyond the call of duty!
We are the first to work & the last to leave!
We are the heart & soul of caring...
We are unique nurses whom will pass through your life for only a minute & impact it for an eternity!
 As a nurse I am never bored!
I will always be frustrated!
& forever surround by challenges!
I have so much to do & so little time to do it in...
I carry immense responsibility!
Step into lives & make a difference!
Some bless me while others curse me!
I see people not only at their best but also at their worst!
I see life begin & end..
I cry, laugh, & get mad at people but in the end its those things that reminds me that I am not only a nurse but that I am human being & have feelings too!

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KrissyGirl said...

Seriously, you are amazing. Because you are you and because you're a nurse. Nurses should get appreciated every single day of the year. I saw two things last night on facebook about nurses. I'm going to send them to you via email but I thought of you. Thank you for all that you do. And its true, you are a lifesaver! Love you girlie :)

Laura said...

Happy Nurses Week! What kind of nurse are you? I'm always curious when you talk about it!