Friday, May 10, 2013

Sweet Letters

Baby Brother
I cannot believe your girlfriend told me I was to be an aunt yesterday before you did! Truth be told you still have not told me! I think you should tell me even if I already know just saying. I cannot believe you are my younger baby brother at just 21 having a baby! This is all still so crazy to me to be honest... & a whole other post coming for it believe me when I say that!

To Myself
Please let me have patience throughout this whole new process of becoming an aunt. The baby is due January 5th so I have some time to adjust thankfully... I know I will spoil it like crazy & I cannot wait! I know it will bring up feelings for me which I hope I can handle! I cannot wait to find out the gender & everything else EEK! You are not even here yet but I am already ready for you to arrive... I cannot wait for you to be able to say auntie :)

Sweet Baby
I do not know whether you are a boy or girl yet but I know whatever you turn out to be you will be loved! You will be joining a huge family on my brother's side! I do not know how big your family is on your mothers side! I know that I cannot wait to write you sweet letters that some day you will see & I will be writing your very first one this weekend!

You are to arrive within the next few day! I cannot wait to have you in my hands! I am going to wear you out by snapping a whole lot of photos... I hope your ready that is all.. I cannot believe I am finally getting my DSLR 3200!

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KrissyGirl said...

Congrats Auntie!!! Oh that is so exciting. I cannot wait to hear all about it. Babies are my favorite. It's funny because I have alot of cousins who are younger so I'm able to be a role model for them, scold them when they arent behaving and such but being an aunt, oh gosh! The minute I found out my sister in law was pregnant its like my world change. There is no words to describe the feeling of knowing that while you arent the actual parent, you play one of the most important roles in the child's life. It's unlike anything else.

Amanda Nicole said...

The first letter that my eye caught was to the baby and I totally thought I missed some news. But, congratulations on becoming an aunt! My niece is only 8 years younger than me so I don't really feel like an aunt. I hope your brother still plans on telling you! Maybe he was nervous to tell you and she was really excited?