Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Letter To My Baby Brother

You came into this world when I was 4 years old. I still remember waiting to get the news & it turned out you was a "boy" I was pissed I did not ask for a little brother I asked for a "girl" a little sister is what I wanted... 

All it took was one time to hold you in my arms & I was no longer upset. In fact I kinda liked the idea of having my own real life baby doll, it was great! I got to feed you, change you, & cuddle you but best of all I got to love you.

After leaving home & getting my own life & my own little family with each visit home I seen how much you was growing up & becoming a young man. Next thing I know you was graduating high school. I could not believe that I was that old!

Just this past month you turned 21 & I still cannot believe you have hit legal drinking age & that this year I will be turning 25! Time has flown by for us both it seems..

Thursday I found out that you was expecting! Say what? Are you trying to give your older sister a heart attack? I still cannot believe that your girlfriend told me instead of you that I was going to become an auntie! I had a lot of emotions that day.

I want you to know that I am here for you no matter what. That I have always wanted what is best for you in life. I wanted you to be happy & healthy always! I wanted you to marry someone whom loved you as much as you loved them.

I know when we was younger that we was super close but as we both grew up we grew apart! But even with growing apart I still loved you in my own way always baby brother..

I know you may be nervous, scared, terrified & so much more right now but please know that everything will be fine. If god did not think you could handle this then he never would have allowed for it to happen! 

You will be a great father! You know how I know that you have been a great brother! We have had our moments yes but even with them deep down I know we both love one another.  I see how you are with kids bubbie... You are so calm, understanding, patient, & so much more! Kids love you as much as they do me... I know your son or daughter will live a happy, healthy, life! 

I cannot wait to see you raise your child.. I know you will have a special bond with them! Remember you are not alone in this & that I am here when needed! Please remember that...


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KrissyGirl said...

Three are amazing!! This is the sweetest thing I've ever seen! I love how incredible close you are to your bother. Sometimes I wish I could have that sibling bond! How are you doing today with it?

Janna Renee said...

Aww what a great big sister you are! My big brother is expecting his first child, so I get to be an Auntie for a second time! Congrats!