Saturday, May 4, 2013

Oh Sweet Ben

Ben oh Ben! Where do I begin? I must be honest I love your show & I so badly wish that I was in the place that some of those women are in to win your love... But another part of me also knows better because finding love like that is almost impossible! 

I may love that pretty smile, the way you dress, the smell of your cologne but I know that I sadly would not love people always around, others hearing our conversations 24/7, media/tab people always being nosy & such! I do not know that most women could to be honest...

Now if the circumstances were different for each of us in a heartbeat yes I would marry you & never look back... Since I am not on the show however I will simply say I am so ready to see whom you have chosen to become your wife :)

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KrissyGirl said...

Hahha, once again thank you for my laugh of the day! I'm pretty sure I wouldnt stop laughing if we were together. Anyway, why do you have to ease me? Dont tell my fiance that I'm kinda crushing on Ben too :)

I dont know how all these girlies can do it!! I'm the hugest fan of the Bachelor and bachelorette and I dont know how I would do it!