Friday, May 3, 2013

Sweet Letters

Sweet Dresses
You both are to arrive today & I cannot wait! I am so glad that I bought you both! I hope you look flattering on me...

Chevron shirts oh how I love you both! I thought about just buying one of you but I cannot seem to do it! I so badly kinda want you both! I know that I would put you both to good use..

I am so glad that I have you off! It has been a long week at work... I am glad today is the last day for at least 2 days anyway :) I hope its eventful..

Ready For Love
I have enjoyed watching you every Tuesday.. You are amazing to say the least & Ben well I wanna marry him so can you please place me on the show? I promise I will participate 100 percent!

I have cooked so many yummy goodness of you this week!  I have loved my dinner meals... You all have tasted so good! I think I could have eaten more then I had :)

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KrissyGirl said...

I love these!!! The dresses are adorable. You will look gorgeous in them!! Chevron has become my new Favorite! I'm in love with the Ready for Love show!!!! Ben is my top too :)