Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fun Friday Night In

Friday night Jeremy had both Mads & Hudson! So we did go out semi but it was to go from the house to Jer's parents house so that they could see the kids for a bit as well as us! 

After they had visited & such Jer had to go work on the race car for a bit so it was off to see Addison & Gracy! I just adore those kids to pieces! During our fun visit Gracy & Addison was doing the cup song! Mads knew it too of course so I guess Marty & I being the older two adults was clueless because we could not do that if we tried! I do great when it comes to the song & can sing right along with the girls but when it comes to moving that cup well its out of the question! 

Now do I wanna learn it? Yes absolutely! Do I think its gonna be easy? Oh hell no! It will be a challenge for me to say the least. But if it kills me I will learn to do both! Patience is a virtue needless to say.

Not only did we have tons of dancing & singing but we had dress up play with made up names! I love kids & their wild crazy imaginations... Marty & I had adult conversation in between the kids & fun!

After almost midnight it was time to head off & go to bed! All kids needed their sleep & that even included me yes! I had promised Mads that we would play one game of  Phase 10 so we did! Then she had to head off to bed!

Here is 2 video's of the cup song :) Enjoy!

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