Sunday, May 12, 2013

1ST Letter To My Unborn Niece/Nephew

I just found out about you Thursday! I still cannot believe that I am going to be an auntie. I know as your arrival date approaches that it will become more real for me! I do not even know if you are a boy or girl yet but I am already wanting to know what you are.. 

I know we haven't met yet, but somehow I already love you. You don't know my voice but I promise you will! While your sweet mamma is being your little oven I will be those mittens that are always wanting to touch/feel you & talk to you! 

I must say the idea of my brother being a dad is kind of crazy! It's not that I think he won't be a great dad, I know he will be. It's that he is my little brother & it is tough to believe that he will be someones dad, you will understand once he gives you another sibling & makes me an aunt once again! A sibling relationship is a really special one. My brother & I have had plenty of ups & down but in the end we have still loved one another. 

I do not know your mamma well but I want to know her for your sake! So far she is sweet & I like her.. I hope you have her sweetness! She already has one daughter whom she named Mercy. Mercy your half sister is 16 months so by the time you arrive she will be almost 24 months old! Hello terrible 2's. 

I cannot wait to write you more letters that once older you will be able to read! However I am sure that before you are old enough to read these letters to yourself that I will have read them to you already! I cannot wait to be you auntie... I am going to spoil you like crazy whether you are a he or she! 

I will write you a letter next week showing you pictures of us in your immediate family... I cannot wait to share with you a little about each of us! I hope its something you can treasure later in life sweet one!

Love Auntie Ashleigh (the favorite)

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