Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Recap

*Josh & I went for a run @ the Cane Creek! It was a nice little run... We enjoyed it very much. Along the way we even did a little obstacle course that was there!

*After the run Josh & the boys was gonna go to the gym to workout. I was not in the mood to workout after running so I instead opted to go have dinner with Jeremy! We ate @ Chilies Bar & Grille I loved the food as usual. Jeremy was a little scruffy compared to normal.. I even have photos to prove it below! Scruffy verses not scruffy... I think not scruffy wins :)

*After grabbing a bite to eat with Jeremy, Josh & several of us all hung out for a few hours just goofing off as well as playing beer pong/liquor pong! Josh became a great foot prop for me as you see below! & Randy well he became very photogenic hehe :)

* I worked until 2 pm :( At this point of waking up early I had only had 6 hours of sleep which was so not enough! Breakfast was French Toast!

* After work I went & met the parental's for lunch at Cracker Barrel... Our food was delish! 

* After I had lunch with my parents, I went & had my hair done! I went to the dark side for summer :)

* After getting the hair done, I went to the gym to meet up with Josh & the boys we worked out! On some of it I opted out & during that time I took photos of the boys! I did good huh :) After the workout the boys wanted me to go out but I was too dang tired! This girl needed sleep & sleep is exactly what I got thankfully :) 

* Went hiking with one of my friends that was a cop! We went to Burgess Falls... I loved it but after legs & arms the night before in the gym it was safe to say I was sore :( After our hike we eventually made it to the very bottom! It was like going down a slide from where it was so muddy! The bottom of the Falls had huge wind & water from the Falls rushing onto us so needless to say we became soaked! I do have tons of pictures I captured but I am going to do them in a whole different post.. If you wanna see them come back to check the photos out :) 

* After the hike I met up with Lacy to do wedding things! That was a fun few hours then after we went & grabbed a bite to eat...

* Later that night after Lacy & I finished Jeremy & I watched several episodes of Bar Rescue! It is so dang good...

* I know it was an epic fail for Sunday because I was bad & didn't really take any photos except for the ones at the Falls! Oops...

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Adrienne @ BlackWhiteColor said...

It's always nice to have a workout partner...although I'm with you, going to the gym after the run? No thank you!!
Stopping by from the link up!

KrissyGirl said...

sounds like a perfect weekend. Productive yet relaxing and fun..I'm always up for that!! Chili's, like the salsa and chips Chili's. silly question but I just wanted to make sure cause I loveeee Chilis. Will you take me next time? :) And Cracker Barrel..such a tease!

Love hiking!!! I'm so glad that its starting to become warmer so that we can go hike/walk at a place down the street. Nothing better than that. And oh my gosh, I've learned not to do exercises the night before hiking the hard way!!