Thursday, April 11, 2013


So I have now seen a few of my friends post this so I decided to jump in the bandwagon too! Let's begin shall we?

1. First thing I do in the morning... I look at Instagram, facebook, & email then I go pee pee!

2. First thing I do when I get home from work... Change into something that is not scrubs! 
3. My first kiss... Hmm I truly do not remember when my first kiss truly was but I remember the one that counts! That was to the love of my life whom I was with for almost 5 years. 
4. My first home...Is the home my parents still live in today. It is a 3 story!

5. My first car... It was a gold expedition! I loved it needless to say.
6. My first accident traffic violation... I would say speeding ticket! 
7. The first thing I wanted to be when I grew up... Oh this is a easy one! I wanted to be a princess whom was a nurse & be a mommy all in one! I aimed high cant you tell... I am not a real princess but I am one in my daddy's eyes, I  did become a nurse & I love my job most days. I am sadly still waiting on the mommy part of it but I know when its time I will be an amazing mother :)

8. My first drink of choice... Well depends is it during the day or during the night? During the day I would say fruit tea but of a night I would say either Watermelon margarita or mango rum with pineapple juice! 
9. First dessert choice... Easy as cake! I would take anything cheesecake as long as it does not involve strawberries!
10. My first choice restaurant... I would say hands down Fuddruckers or Cheesecake Factory
11. First song that comes to mind... Thompson Square " If I didn't have you" 

12. First major purchase... my car! Its a Toyota Camry 2012.
13. First job...  It was when I became a nurse! My parents never made me work. As long as I always made the good grades they gave me what I wanted.

14. First time I flew... It was to Brazil!
15. First big girl job... It would be the same as my first job which was being a nurse :)

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