Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Burgess Falls PT 1

Today has been a busy day for this nurse! I am exhausted...I came in early this morning for a few hours left went home to take a little small nap & now I am back working again fingers crossed I am home by midnight.  I have a little break so I decided I had enough time to share with you sweet ladies the adventures of Sunday. Me & one of my friends whom happens to be a cop went to Burgess Falls to see the pretty scenery & too hike of course! We enjoyed it very much... I was sore due to my previous night of doing leg workouts & arm workouts & I learned a new lesson never ever the night before do those workouts when the next day you are too go hiking because all you get is misery...

Here are the photos I have taken from our little hiking adventure! Enjoy sweet ladies...

I have some video's as well to post & that will be in Burgess Falls PT 2... When I have a little more free time to upload them all & such so I hope you enjoyed the photos! I did not post them all but I did post quite a few :)

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