Friday, April 5, 2013

Sweet Letters :)

I am linkin up with Ash!

Surgery Check Up:
Thank you for going well! I am glad that I can now run again... 

Thank you for healing so well! I am glad to know that I have a strong willed body that likes to recover! 

I will be doing you tonight! Please be easy on me... I am nervous after my surgery! 

I love you pretty girl! You will make a wonderful bride &  I am thankful I am apart of your life. Tomorrow is your Bridal Shower & I cannot wait :)

Sara Ann:
I love you as well! You will make a wonderful mother. I am blessed to not only be in your life but now your soon to be child's life... I cannot believe it has been almost 3 years come May that you have lived In Knoxville a whole 2 hours away from me :( Time flies by I am glad we still get to see each other when you come in to visit or when I come down there. I am ready for the gender reveal party Sunday! Nessa, Leia, & I are driving down together...

I know you will be busy for me but please do not go by super fast! Some rest would be great... Is that possible? I am not so sure but its nice to hope right? Please go slow I beg you!


Courtney Foster said...

Love your blog! Found you on Friday's Letters!

Lindsey said...

I found you in the link up. I had surgery on my ear at the end of January and I'm finally able to workout like I want to. It's such a great feeling. I hope you have a great run!


Adrienne Clark said...

Agreed, some rest would be great. Although I am working for part of the weekend so not sure how much rest I will be getting! Blah.Good luck with your recovery!
Found ya through the link up. New GFC follower

Ashley {Newly Kozell} said...

Hey Ash! Have fun with the bridal shower and gender reveal are one busy lady!! How was your run? Happy weekend!