Monday, April 8, 2013

Bridal Shower For Lace

Saturday I attended a Bridal Shower for Lacy! It was Held at Cream City. A total of 8 people showed up. It was a small shower as you can see from the number of those that showed up. Afterwards we was all going to go bowling but that didn't happen! 4 had to go study so they left as soon as the shower ended! the Bride to be made up 1 of the 8 people & so did I that left 2 others. 1 of the 2 had to drive back to Knoxville so that then left 1 & she was too tired to wanna go so then it came down to Lace & I. Bless her heart I could only imagine how awful she felt! Instead of bowling we opted to go to the movies!

 We went back to her place to unload the gifts then afterwards we changed into something a little warmer. It was a tad bit chilly outside Saturday night. Brent her fiance whom took on the challenge came with us to see G.I  . Joe! Once we arrived there we noticed we had picked the 3D movie for it & none of us like the 3D It gives us all headaches after so we decided to go grab a bite to eat first then come back for the later showing which was for 9:30 pm. We ate dinner at O' Charley's it was very good. Brent had a Chicken Fruit Salad, Lacy had a Steak with Potato Soup, & I had Ribs with Potato Soup/Fries! They both ate all of theirs however I ate all but my ribs & I took them home with me to have for breakfast the following morning. 

At 9 pm Lacy, Brent & I arrived at the theater ready to watch our movie. We was 30 minutes early which gave us plenty time to catch up with one another. Lacy & Brent both stayed awake surprisingly for the whole movie but Lace was a tad bit cranky! She & Brent both are normally in bed around 10 pm so staying up past midnight was not something they was use too! I said my goodbyes & we all got in our vehicles to head home! Overall I enjoyed that little extra time with them both :) 


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