Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Is It Bad?

For the longest time I use to always say I never wanted to pay someone to create a blog design for me! However 3 years later a small part of me is changing my mind. I use to change the background a lot but now I wonder if I done it because I was unhappy overall with how my blog layout looked? That is a question that sticks with me! I am so picky & a part of me is scared to let someone else be in control of how my blog would look to others! I am sure it would be better though then how I have it now! Its plain jane to some degree I guess you could say!

Things I want in a blog design: Get ready for this long list its crazy trust me: 
1. I want a bigger profile picture!
2. Pretty buttons!
3. A pretty signature 
4. Someone to figure out how to make Georgia peach work while keeping with life stories & ramblings of a southern/city bella! That is all me! Georgia is home & heart but I am both a southern & city bella! 
5. I need something that portrays a sweet classy sassy girlie girl like me! 
6. I am a city bella raised a southern belle

My biggest of all though is I do not want to pay crazy prices to have what I want though :( 

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