Monday, April 29, 2013

She Is Goin To The Chapel & She Is Gonna Get Married

I love my title! Don't you? Its cute right? I thought so..

Lacy & Brent tied the knot yesterday! I could not be more happier for them both. I know to Lacy Brent is her best friend & soul mate & there is not a doubt in my mind that its the same for Brent when it comes to Lacy!

I still remember when I met Brent for the first time & seen him interact with Lacy something inside me just ticked a switch & said I know he is the one for her! The way she was playful with him, the way she hugged him, the way he made her get butterflies always was just so precious. 

Knowing Lacy so well meant seeing a part of Lacy I had never seen before when It came to Brent! & I loved every second of seeing those two together! Knowing her so well meant knowing that this love was a different kind of love then she had ever had with any other of her ex boyfriends. It was stronger, more intimate, & I truly could name several reasons that this one was different then those before!

A year into their relationship Brent would come to purpose to Lacy & ask her to be his wife! It was the sweetest moment for Lacy I know! She without hesitation said YES of course... The proposal happened this past Fall on their way back from Chattanooga!  They then set the date for April 27, 2013 only a few short months later so wedding plans begin to happen.. 

Here is a few photos from their big day! I cannot wait to show more then just these... But the others may be a week or so sadly :(

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