Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hero Rush Race Day @ Honey Suckle Hill Farms

It was a cold crisp morning as us ladies got out of the vehicle at Honey Suckle Hill Farms! We was so excited for our marathon to begin. We had to be there @ 9 AM one hour prior before our race was to begin @ 10 AM! We waited for our timer to buzz & then we was off...

The pathway was nothing more then dirt filled & the ground still moist from the night before causing footing to be a little slippery which kept us on our toes. 

Throughout the run we managed to go up creeks, muddy hills, & even obstacles! It was a challenge yes but us ladies accomplished it all... We can truly say we conquered Hero Rush!

We was in several photos but in order for you all to see them we would have had to purchase them & we did not want to do that... So I instead opted to show you a few we took before & a few of other teams so you can see what we had fun doing! Enjoy :)

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