Friday, April 26, 2013

Sweet Letters

Tomorrow you get married to your best friend! I love you sweet girl & I cannot wait to be apart of your big day.. I know your nervous but just remember to breath! It is just the beginning for Brent & you.

Mom & Daddy
This coming month is both your birthday's! I am planning a surprise party for you both & I hope you love it! Its titled over the hill of course :) Get ready for some walkers, canes, & such... I cannot wait to see how shocked you both will be! 

Color The Curve
I signed up for you Wednesday & I cannot wait to run you! Our team name is Throwing Scoliosis A Curve :) Great name since its for those with scoliosis! I am glad you will be super early morning so we don't burn up during you...

Hero Rush
My ladies & I made you our bitch! We conquered you :) 

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Mrs. Pedersen said...

Awe, such sweet letters!! :)