Sunday, March 10, 2013

Wisdom Teeth Consultation/Lunch With Daddy

I have no idea why we have wisdom teeth & further more I have no clue as to why they are called wisdom teeth. I do not see how wisdom is involved in something that just pops up out of your gum line & causes one so much pain! A better coin for those teeth would be to call them painful teeth. Anyway we all have them unless the dentist gets them or you are one of the lucky ones whom did not have any at birth. If you did not have them since birth well then I envy you... I have 3 instead of 4 but 3 is still a lot sadly. I have 2 lower & 1 top. I will be having my two bottom ones removed in exactly 2 weeks my 1 top one will be left alone. It actually is still underneath my gum & my oral surgeon said it would never come out of my gum considering my two bottom ones have been out now for 2 years so that there was no need to bother it. When I heard that well let me tell you my heart went pitter patter. I did a happy dance! 

In 2 weeks I will be so very pitiful. I am not thrilled by the fact that by midnight before my surgery day I cannot have anything to eat or drink until after my surgery. For those of you ladies whom know me well then you know that I always carry a drink with me... Surgery time is 1 pm so just imagine how hungry/thirsty I will be plus afterwards add pain to the mix ugh so not a good combo! 

I text Caleb after I left the appointment & this was what he sent me! See if you would feel loved by him afterwards...

He better be lucky he is cute & sweet most of the time :) Otherwise I might have to hurt him... Bless him! 

After the consultation I had lunch with my sweet daddy at Cracker Barrel. I love spending time with my father always! I am without a doubt a daddy's girl always have been always will be.  The plate/plates above are mine hello yummy! Daddy got the fish plate of Cod & I tried it finally for the first time & I actually liked it from there because it didn't taste so fishy! I now can say not only do I like crayfish, lobster, shrimp, & crab but I now also have found a fish I like too hello Cod! 

After lunch with daddy I swung by & picked up these babies... Andrea & I are gonna have a girl day at DollyWood. I cannot wait to take her to it because she has never been so this will be her very first time. As for me I lost track as to how many times I have been! I am excited for some girl adult time :) 

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