Thursday, March 7, 2013

Vent Time

As you ladies know I love the ladies whom I follow in this little blogging world. They are not strangers to me at all. In fact from blogging I have made great friendships which I am blessed to have. I live their lives as much as they live mine because it is our stories we share on these blogs which we have created. Its almost like a second family if that makes any since at all. 

Which leads me to my venting. Let me start by saying if you do not feel this way then that is fine but I do feel this way so sorry! Like me or hate me I am honest always & very outspoken. Always have been always will be. I noticed that a few of the blogs I followed are now private! I was a little upset by that not gonna lie! 1 because I had grown to know them through their blog & 2 because if they did not send a request. Does that mean they just didn't care?  I know 2 may not be the case but still its hard not to have hurtful thoughts/feelings from it! 

A blog to me is an online diary/journal that is shared with others! Blogs changes lives of others as well as those of us whom start them! I grew friendships from having a blog! I dont have over 200 followers but that is ok with me! I started this blog originally for me to document my life & all things in it good & bad! If I get more then 200 I will be content & thankful that others like reading about my life & if not that is ok too! I however do not understand how one can go from having an open blog to now having a private blog! When you first chose to have a blog you knew what that entitled yet now for some strange reason several go private none of which makes since!  If you was gonna go private why would you even bother having an open blog to begin with? Keep it private the whole time that way you don't hurt peoples feelings!

I know that some are rude & disrespectful I get that I do but why punish those others whom truly loved your blog? Ignore those whom are rude & disrespectful to you & cherish those sweet loving comments that the ladies whom love your blog leave you! Focus on the good not the bad... I could sit here & say oh everyone loves my blog but that would be a lie! Everyone is so different & each of us all like different things. I know that not everyone will love my blog & that is fine I am big girl & I can deal with that because to be honest I don't love everyone's blog nore will I  ever be one to love every single blogger! That is life & that is how things work sadly! 

I guess rant is that my feelings are just hurt in the fact of  the 3 blogs that are now private I have followed for 3 years now & no longer see anything because they are private! I grew to know those people as much as they did me! They can still see my blog but I can no longer see theirs! I know I am not the only one whom can no longer see their blog but that still does not make it any easier. I am human & I have feelings & when you get attached to bloggers its a tad bit hard! Its hard to not feel like they just didn't care about those bloggers whom truly cared & loved their blogs! Bittersweet ending I guess... I could never go private & hurt my bloggers feelings the way in which my feelings have been hurt even if they was not meant to be hurt! 


Anonymous said...

Hey girl I nomiated you for the liebster award so be sure to head over to my blog and check it out!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl Hey!! I also nominated you for the Liebster Award!!! xoxo

Elle Hattan said...

I agree with this 100%. Or when a blog suddenly becomes only sponsorships and fluff pieces. It's like "I follow your blog for the content, not the people who can pay you".